Update on Monday's Action

Bend the Arc recently learned that the action we planned to attend on Monday in Oakland is promoting a set of demands that includes an international demand. Due to the fact that Bend the Arc is an organization with an exclusive focus on a domestic agenda, we have decided that this particular action doesn't fit our criteria for participation.

We know some of you may decide to attend this rally and some of you may not and we support your independent decision. There are also multiple activities happening around the Bay during MLK weekend. Bend the Arc enthusiastically supports the broader #BlackLivesMatter movement. We will continue to show up in ways that are appropriate for our organization in the days ahead and will let you know when there is a new opportunity to act with Bend the Arc. If you have questions, please contact me at slubeck@bendthearc.us or our Regional Organizer, Sophia at slanza-weil@bendthearc.us.

Many thanks,

Susan Lubeck
Regional Director, Bend the Arc Bay Area